~Bucket List (Ninth Update)

Originally posted 11 Apr 2017

Second to last one! I’m almost done… I’m not really sure if this is a good or bad thing…..

#6- Learn a new language 

Another one of those things that I never fully accomplished but for some reason decided to add to this list. I really should have put more thought into this. I took three years of french in school. And now I am able to start a conversation, compliment and/or insult someone, and pick up on some key words here and there. That’s pretty much it. I also lived in Texas for a year and learned basically the same amount of Spanish while I was there. Currently, I’m trying to teach myself sign language. ASL is a little tricky so I’ve shifted my focus to PSE which means that I should be able to understand ASL but my conversations will just take a little longer.

#24- Play a round of golf 

#42- Be in a play 

I’ve been in a good handful of plays actually. Which is how I learned that acting is probably not my strong-suit. My fifth grade teacher had my class put on two plays. I was a ghost in Macbeth… Actually, I was two ghosts in Macbeth. Very short parts, I think one had only one line and the other had two. I am definitely more comfortable with public speaking now than I was then so this time around shouldn’t be too bad. But who knows. I should probably look up some play opportunities and see if I can find a small part. I really don’t know where to start with this one. I’m going to go ahead and push this one to the bottom of the list.

#61- Try a martial art

#157- Have a summer romance 

Hmm. What would you define as a “summer romance”? Are we talking about between school years, during the season, or just a relationship that lasts for only a couple of months? I’ve even had “relationships” that lasted more than just a couple of months that now feels like it was nothing more than just a “summer romance”. I guess I’ll go with the latter. Come to think of it, I’ve had a couple of these, the one that immediately comes to mind totaled more than just a couple of months, but it was a very off and on relationship. From our first conversation I started to have reservations, but I continued on and hoped for the best. We had some fun, but when it came down to serious topics we could never really see eye to eye.

#180- Learn to juggle 

#217- Ride a mechanical bull 

Yea, I’ve done this one more times than I can count. The first (and second) time I did this was in Pittsburgh during another one of those Nights I Wont Soon Forget. It was one of my many “let’s drink until we can’t feel feelings anymore” night. My friends and I had heard of the bar before but none of use had ever been there. We car pooled down, paid our cover charge, walked in, and realized that we were the only people there. We usually go out in a big groups, that night there was almost twenty of us. But still, this bar was huge, and aside from the bartenders, DJs (yes, multiple DJs, it was two bars and a club room all under one roof), and bouncers it was empty. So we made our own fun, had the DJ play whatever craziness popped in our heads, and took turns taking the (mechanical) bull by the horns (literally). Great night. That bar has since closed down so I’ll have to find a different place to go next time, but hopefully I’ll take those guys with me when I do.

Until next time, don’t hate us ‘cuz you ain’t us.


P.S. If you haven’t noticed by now, the pictures at the top of my main page are the same ones I either have used or plan to use in my posts. So if you see one that hasn’t been used yet just stay tuned. Maybe drop me a line and let me know that you saw something that interested you, it might encourage me to drop that post sooner. As for this one, I unfortunately I do not have a picture of myself in a play or on a bull (they are out there somewhere, I just haven’t tracked them down) so this will have to do. During a very intense beer pong night we made this sign and yes, we did drink like champions that night.

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  1. Jad says:

    I probably need to add a mechanical bull to my bucket list!!

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    1. Do it haha it was so much fun!

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