Originally posted 02 May 2017

Try A Zumba Class

I just finished the series of Bucket list items that I completed prior to getting the book and let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier! Let me bring you guys up to 2017 (and beyond). Here’s one that I was able to cross off of the list.

Yes, that is in fact my Granny (yellow shirt) and I (red shirt (RWB whoop whoop)) at Zumba. So, my grand-mom and I planned to go together a couple of weeks ago but I ended up picking up extra shifts at work and couldn’t make it. Then, I got asked to pick up more shifts and told my boss that I could but I would have to take an extended lunch because of prior plans (hell no I didn’t tell him that my plans were Zumba, but I would have if he asked). He agreed to the lunch deal. I clocked in, worked for a couple of hours and then headed over to meet my Granny (and yes, I still call her Granny, judge all you want, be jealous). I changed my clothes in the car and headed inside. Granny knew that I had to work so she was a little surprised to see me… And then it started.

Granny – “Hey you, come here, did you meet my grandson? He’s a Marine, he thinks he can hang”.

Alphonso – “Hi, um, I’m Al, it’s nice to m…”

Just about every single lady I met that night – “oh no you didn’t, Hey so-and-so, this guy says he can hang. We’ve had men like you come here before. Hey, y’all remember what’s-his-face, and how fast he left? They don’t last… Boy, you ain’t keeping up with this.”

I forget how much the class should have cost me, but new comers don’t have to pay so I guess it doesn’t really matter. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I walked in kinda nervous, and got a little more nervous as the “out work the Marine” mantra started to fill the hallway.

-Finally, the instructor showed up

We piled in to the gym. Taking in the room, I started to feel a little better, after all, there was one other guy, and the majority of the ladies there appeared to be more than twice my age.

… I don’t care what you think you know about Zumba, it is a workout! And these ladies KILLED IT. There’s no instructional period. You just watch and mimic. And my uncoordinated self can neither mimic or stay in rhythm, and I most certainly can not do both at the same time. I looked like Richard Simmons on, well, looking like Richard Simmons is bad enough. However, I made it through the workout. Might not have looked all that good doing it, but I did it. And to be honest, I’d do it again. Those women were hilarious, and I love spending time with my Granny.

Until next time, plan a fun family activity.

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  1. gigglingfattie says:

    I know I already commented on this, but omg I love this so so much! And I wants to meet your Granny, she sounds amazing. And if you made it through Zumba, you need to try pilates!


    1. Haha she’s kind of a big deal… I still have zero interest in Pilates


  2. Jad says:

    Awwww I love your Granny!!

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    1. Haha thanks! She’s kind of a big deal

      Liked by 1 person

  3. There may be noticeably a bundle to learn about this. I assume you made sure nice factors in features also.


  4. gigglingfattie says:

    Zumba is so much fun!! But why would anyone make fun of you calling your granny “granny”? hehe I have an adopted Granny – she’s the grandmother of the children I nanny so now I’m considered part of her clan too. So sweet!

    but the next thing on your list looks like so much fun! Build an igloo?! awesome! Make sure you leave a little hole in the top for ventilation *Canadian advice* 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha well thank you, I could use all of the Canadian advice I can get.

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    2. gigglingfattie says:

      I’ve never actually made an igloo…. But I do know you need a vent in the top haha

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    3. Haha whenever I make I’ll make sure to send you the introductions, vent included

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  5. You are a good grandson. And your grandmom rocks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She definitely does! And thank you, I try haha

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