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  1. richreim says:

    Lol, when was this?! I was nominated?! I’ll have to get my phone fixed in order to start this thing.

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    1. Lol the beginning of November


    2. richreim says:

      Jesus, lmao. Goes to show how busy I’ve been with Vincent.


    3. Haha yea, I see… I hope everything is going well


    4. richreim says:

      Well…. Yes and no. I’m seeing a mental health worker now for my depression and anxiety.. I’ll have to be admitted into the hospital if my suicidal thoughts get any worse. But other than that, my Vinnie Bear is doing great. His first surgery is coming up soon and I’m going to be sad when I have to see his little arms in those arm restraints 😦 😦 but it has to be done. and might as well do it now when I don’t have to pay for it and he won’t remember a thing.


    5. I’m glad that he’s doing well! And yea, it’s definitely better (I think haha) to do it now instead of later. I’m glad that you’re seeing someone, I hope it’s helping… And if you need someone to talk to I’m still here


    6. richreim says:

      I think I’m going to use my blog as a journal.. I mean, kind of already am, but I mean to get shit off my chest.. Like, some real depressing shit.


    7. More power to ya, join the club! Haha I do the same thing… Honestly 90% of the crap that I write to get off of my chest never gets published and just ends up in the trash folder, but it still really helps (in my mind) to write it out


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