Don’t Just Stand There…

Hey guys! I have a favor to ask. In another attempt to catch up on reading the blogs that I follow, I came across a story that stopped me in my tracks, titled “My Fur Family And I Have Been Evicted”. My Blog Buddy has fallen on hard times and could really use some help. The entire story can be found by following the link below. I would really appreciate it if you would take some time out of your day to click on the link below and lend a helping hand, any/everything helps. Thank you in advance!

P.S. Also, as I am but one person with a fairly limited reach, it would be AMAZING if you would take the time to share this story with others. Thanks again guys!

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  1. CLEvangelism says:

    Thank you, Alphonso. 💜

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    1. I just hope it helps

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