Cheating T(w)(o)o

My third and fourth time cheating both occurred in the same weekend… Because, I guess, when you mess up multiple times, it’s best to do so in short order.
For the third one, unfortunately, I’ll have to give you a bit of background on Al and I’s relationship. The poem Al that is on my blog is actually more fact than fiction… A lot more. Al’s mom was battling with cancer, and cheating on me was her way of coping. Not long after I found out about the first incident, or at least the first incident that I (at the time) was aware of, Al’s mom had a setback.


The cancer that she was fighting had turned into cancers, and they were both fighting back. We had a pretty eventful night planned which we promptly cancelled in light of the news.
Instead, I told Al that we could do whatever she wanted. Her answer, “alcohol”. So, we ventured down to her local watering hole and I proceeded to feed her drinks like they were going out of style. She started going to the bathroom, a lot. Like, every couple of minutes. I see this, take it as a sign that she’s had too much and needs to get home, and suggest that we make our way back. On the walk back from the bar she frantically goes back and forth between texting on her phone and getting lovey dovey with me, almost as if the two kept interrupting each other. I ask what’s going on and she says that her sisters were texting her… She says this while she’s holding her phone, leaning into me (so that I could look down and see her phone in her hand), and responding to what appears to be a long ongoing conversation she is having with an unsaved contact. At her place, the bathroom bit continues. She goes to the bathroom, realizes that she forgot to bring her phone, rushes out to grab it, and goes back. She sits with me on the couch, leans into me again, and proceeds to text this random person. I ask again if anything is going on, and again I get the “texting my sister’s” response. We make our way to the bed. I ask one last time what is going on, she responds by throwing her mother’s condition in my face, “my mom has cancer, that’s what’s going on”, and turning over.
She passes out facing away from me, with her phone in her hand, propped up against the wall. It goes off, but doesn’t wake her. I sit up, look over, and catch a glimpse of the conversation before the screen goes dark…

“Still want it?”
“When? You’re only offering butt-stuff….”


Now, I already had plans for the next morning, so to say that I left before she woke up doesn’t really mean all that much in this instance. However, I can say that I did not wake her that morning for the usual “good morning/ I love you/ I’ll see you soon/ go back to bed” kisses on my way out of the door. In my mind she just broke up with me, she just didn’t know it yet. So instead, I focused my energy on texting EVERY woman in my phone that I had even the slightest chance with. Breed responded.
I won’t bore you with our conversation. It was pretty bland, but I did find out that we were both single, not at all interested in anything more than casual, and both free the next morning. Al and I didn’t talk at all that day, which I interpreted as further proof that she had broken up with me.


I picked Breed up, took her to the movies, and made out with her in the parking lot for basically the same amount of time that we had just spent together in the theater, where we barely touched.
If you know me outside of the blogworld, you know that I seldomly use my phone when I’m hanging out with someone. I dropped Breed off, took my phone out of my pocket, and realized that I had umpteen missed texts and phone calls from Krazy. I talked and sexted Krazy and Breed until I got to work that afternoon.
The fourth time that I cheated is basically a carryover from the third. While at work, Al calls me, and tells me that she was sick all day yesterday (truth), and was so blackout drunk two nights ago that she had no recollection of what happened (lie).
She goes on to say that the guy she was sexting was Anwar, one of her old friends with benefits (truth), who (during one of the most emotional times of her life) just so happened to text her that day (lie). Someway, somehow, I convince myself that the entire incident was my fault. I gave her those drinks, and I didn’t say anything when I first noticed her awkward phone behavior (she would make it a point to take her phone with her to the bathroom while we were at the bar, I didn’t think anything of it until this point). She asked me to come over after work so that we could talk it out. I did. When I got there, she was asleep. Instead of waking her up I took to the couch, where I proceeded to sext Krazy for the rest of the night.


The next day I called Klingon and Krazy to apologize for possibly leading them on, and to explain that I was no longer single. Krazy understood, Klingon did not. Al and I kicked the can so to speak, and made up by completely avoiding discussing the events of the weekend.


We tried to discuss it a month later, in a different bar, where she avoided our conversation by hitting on the two guys sitting next to us.
To this day (unless she reads this… Which she most likely will), Al remains unaware of my actions during this time.


Until next time, it doesn’t matter the reason, cheating is cheating.

P.S. Another picture stolen from Google.

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  1. Michael says:

    Aah Confessions… good for the soul less do for the reputation. Nice post

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    1. Haha much less so, but thank you


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