Captain’s Log Six

I wish that I could sleep at work without feeling bad or awkward about it… Or fearful of losing my job. How do these people do this? I’ve got to figure out another way to empathize so that I can stop saying “sorry”, it gets mistaken for an apology more often than not. I’m not sure why, but this is the third time that I’ve rode the train for free. They even ticketed someone next to me, and looked dead at me, and still skipped me.

Weird. I keep checking Write Club… Nothing yet… C’mon. I’m done worrying about word count. I really enjoy this whole “blogging every day” thing, but I’ll never be able to keep it up. I think I might go back to posting twice a week, or trying to, and seeing where it goes from there.

Maybe one nonfiction and one work of fiction each week… With the flashback post of course. Day 6, no luck on Write Club. Just woke up to find that when I “plugged my phone in” before my nap I actually just plugged the headphones in, not the charger. It’s going to be a long day. I don’t want to sound racist here (the one thing that everyone says prior to saying something incredibly racist) but I just saw a white guy with a teardrop tattoo…

That dude has seen some things! I still hate this WordPress app, not gonna lie. It’s so convenient… And so crappy. It’s always so weird when someone sends you a picture and then you see that they posted it on social media. Like “oh, I’m special…

No… No I’m not.” The words “what” and “you” ALWAYS have a word or multiple words between them. “What you doing” is how you get left on “read”… I don’t really do that, but I wish that I could. Speaking of being rude, I fucking HATE being hung up on.

Don’t expect a call from me after that. And feel free to never call me again. Yea, I hate it that much. I’m an ass. Is it weird that I’m a little shellshocked and have a bit of a flashback any time that a girl that I’m talking to brings up drinking? Just realized that this won’t fit in just one 500ish word log.

Tip touched the toilet again… I need a shower. And I just witnessed someone threatening a police officer. This should get interesting.

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  1. gigglingfattie says:

    Maybe you just have a look of “yeah I’ve already been ticketed so please don’t ask me again” on the train? And Write Club still isn’t over yet. I’m pretty sure all the posts coming this week are new ones. What’s the story behind the shell-shock and drinking? Why do your logs only have to be 500 words? This is your blog lol you can make the rules.


    1. 1- Lol so many questions at once! And no numbers or letters!?
      2- Possibly, no matter what it is I’m not complaining lol
      3- I’m pretty sure that all of the posts being voted on occurred during the slushpool, now they are just wildling down the list from there.
      4- It’s kind of a long story I guess. But bottom line, she drank way more than she admitted to and would use drinking as her excuse to cheat. I thought that was in Al, I might have to revisit that poem.
      5- Lol everyone has a word count that they like their posts to be around, 500 is mine


    2. gigglingfattie says:

      Hehe I like to keep you on your toesies!
      2) I was going to say they probably just think you’re so fine you don’t need to pay but you said its always someone else so who knows.
      Lame – I was holding out for a chance
      D) she is so seriously on my list that I changed the title of the list.
      ⭐ yeah I guess that’s a good enough reason….


    3. Haha this is just too much


    4. gigglingfattie says:

      No its the perfect amount


    5. No lol we’re not doing this


    6. gigglingfattie says:

      You started it lol but okies. Not doing it.


  2. Not every girl who drinks will betray you when she does…


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