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Originally posted 18 Jul 2017

Did I ever tell you about the time that I got pulled over for driving a stolen vehicle? No? Well I was telling this story to a buddy of mine this weekend, he’s a police officer, and he was surprised at the restraint that was used during my stop. He said that usually (considering that 99% of stolen cars aren’t “stolen” by the owner) the police officers would have the driver get out and get down on the ground prior to the cop ever approaching the vehicle. There could have been weapons drawn, I could have ended up in handcuffs, and possibly even in the back of a cruiser before ever having the chance to explain the misunderstanding. Luckily, my story isn’t that bad, here it goes…

About a month after buying my first car my girlfriend (at the time) and I took a trip to New Jersey to visit my grandparents. I left my car at her place in Philly and we went in hers. When we got back I had a “hmm, I thought I parked here” moment. Now, it wasn’t all that odd. She had street parking where she lived so I would park in various spots and sometimes on various streets. Thinking that I parked one place and realizing that I parked somewhere else was common place. I took a walk around the block and quickly realized that yes, I did leave my car in front of her house, and yes, my car was now missing. I reported it stolen and sat and stewed for a bit, then her and I drove around the city, hoping to set off my alarm and find my car. We didn’t. A little while after I we got back the police contacted me to let me know that they had found my car. It was on a street that we had driven down multiple times in our search. So that joyrider was cruising around in my car the same time that I was out looking for him.

I get my car back, and proceed to drive in to work the next day. Still flustered from the night before, and also running a bit late, I get pulled over for rolling through a stopsign. “Oh this is not your day” the cop says, and as I look up at him I realize that he’s the same one that took my report and also the same one that found my car last night. He joked around with me for a bit and let me go without a ticket. A couple of months later, driving home from a night of drinking (actually, I was stone sober, I DD’ed for my friends) I had an unmarked police car pull out behind. It’s after 2am, no cars on the road, there’s 3 lanes to choose from, and this guy is tailgating me. I just assumed he was some kind of jerk then tried to ignore it. As I crest a blind hill I see that both sides of the road are COVERED with police cars. The one behind me turns on his lights and the rest all at once followed suit(I think I might have pissed myself a little bit), it looked like something out of a movie. I was instructed to stop, turn my car off, throw my keys out, and keep my hands outside of my window.

The officer approached my car and asked if I knew why he pulled me over, I responded with a “no sir”, and he responded with “for driving a stolen vehicle”. I honestly didn’t put two and two together at first. My mind went to “did that dealer really sell me a stolen car? How does that even happen!?” The officer told me when it was reported stolen and it all clicked. I gave him my information, he verified it, apologized for the inconvenience, and told me that he couldn’t report it as found. I would have to contact the Philadelphia police station for that. Aside from my time overseas, I have never been more scared of driving than I was now. So now, I have to finish driving home, in my stolen car. I call Philly and explain, I offer to send a picture of myself, my drivers license, car, and license plate. Apparently, this sort of thing NEVER happens, and because it is so rare I would have to bring my car down to the police station so that they can visually verify everything. So, I had to race to and from work that day, in my stolen car. Then drive to the police station in Philly, in my stolen car, where they take MAYBE 2 minutes to come out and check my car and credentials and take me out of the system. On the way out of the station, I ran into that same cop who took the report for, found, returned, and forgot to finish his report for my car. I wanted to punch him in the face.

Until next time, don’t let them catch you ridin’ dirty.


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  1. gigglingfattie says:

    Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head for the rest of the night haha


    1. Lol this entire post and all you took away was the title


    2. gigglingfattie says:

      I had read it before, so yes that’s all I took away from it haha.


    3. Lol ok smarty-pants


    4. gigglingfattie says:


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  2. vinnieh says:

    Interesting story and interesting picture.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately though I just realized that I’m going to have to change the picture. I didn’t realize that I had used it before in a post

      Liked by 1 person

    2. vinnieh says:

      It’s OK, I’ve reused picture before.


    3. Yea, I’m working on putting all of these pictures onto Instagram, I don’t want to confuse the posts

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    4. vinnieh says:

      And on another note, haven’t you written erotica on here? I only ask baize I recently started my own erotica site.


    5. Haha yes, I have. Only two so far. Well, one and a half, I still have to finish editing the second one. But it’s “Mmm” and “Thunder and Lightning”. What’s your site?

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    6. Thanks! I’ll check it out.

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    7. vinnieh says:

      Cheers dude.

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  3. sarah wertheimer says:

    that is amazing.
    your story is way better, but i’ll share some of mine anyway:

    the closest thing i’ve got is i once got a citation for being in a women’s restroom.
    At Pitt, the cathedral has several different rooftops at different floors, one of which can be accessed through a window in the lady’s room on the 32nd… it was maybe 2am and we had JUST finished screwing the grate back on the window when the guard came in (without knocking, i might add), who then promptly called for backup, summoning 2 or 3 more guards (it was a while ago, i forget exactly) I was with 3 rather thin,nonthreatening guys and another girl… so maybe that was intimidating.

    we told the officer that we had asked the boys to come in with us because it was 2am and we wanted to make there wasnt a random creepy person in there, (ahem. officer? )

    the other girl and i didnt get arrested, since we weren’t actually doing anything illegal when he walked in, but we got “written up” and escorted out, and the boys got arrested and had to come back to go to court at some point and pay fines for being in the women’s bathroom (which was illegal, even though we (the women) “asked them to protect us from evil lurkers”)

    I’ve done a lot of things that were legit but looked shady (like accessing houses via windows because i was locked out) but no one ever called the cops. Although there was a time we ended up going the same way as another car apparently long enough that she thought we were following her and when she pulled over (presumably her house) we saw a man standing in the door way with a shotgun.

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    1. Lol I love your stories… But I’m also a little glad that I wasn’t a part of them lol I’d rather not pay fines and go to court for being in the wrong restroom.

      Sorry it took me so long to reply to this, for some reason this comment was held for moderation and I wasn’t notified about it at all


  4. irunelite says:

    Glad everything turned out ok! Makes me remember some of my ‘seriously, why is this happening to me’ stories that aren’t funny until a certain amount of time passes.
    Great story! I enjoyed reading it!

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    1. Ha thank you, this was definitely one of those stories.


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