New Phone, Who Dis?

Sorry guys, I was on a roll and then kind of lost it. Kinda got a lot on my mind at the moment. But, I didn’t forget about you all. I texted a buddy today and got reminded of a conversation that we had not too long ago… And I thought “you know who would love this? My readers”… So… Here it is!

Until next time, my friends are cooler than yours.

P.S. I recently changed my number, sent a couple mass texts (still haven’t gotten to everyone, I know, I suck), and that is what started this conversation.

P.P.S. His name isn’t Drew… He HATES being called Drew… And Drew is all I ever call him

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  1. Hahaha! Omg how is that something “everyone would know”?! I’m not sure your friends are cooler than mine…probably weirder though!


    1. Lol no… Mine are cooler


    2. I’m not sure I can trust your judgment on that. You like dad jokes…there is a level of “coolness” that you are lacking there.


    3. I LOVE dad jokes… Because they are amazing… I’m not sure I see your point here


    4. I’ve already taken it back. Your friends are much cooler than mine haha


    5. Yea, they’re the bee’s knees


    6. Haha okies! I’ll trust you


    7. Haha thank you

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