New Phone, Who Dis?

Sorry guys, I was on a roll and then kind of lost it. Kinda got a lot on my mind at the moment. But, I didn’t forget about you all. I texted a buddy today and got reminded of a conversation that we had not too long ago… And I thought “you know who would love this? My readers”… So… Here it is!

Until next time, my friends are cooler than yours.

P.S. I recently changed my number, sent a couple mass texts (still haven’t gotten to everyone, I know, I suck), and that is what started this conversation.

P.P.S. His name isn’t Drew… He HATES being called Drew… And Drew is all I ever call him

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  1. gigglingfattie says:

    Hahaha! Omg how is that something “everyone would know”?! I’m not sure your friends are cooler than mine…probably weirder though!


    1. Lol no… Mine are cooler


    2. gigglingfattie says:

      I’m not sure I can trust your judgment on that. You like dad jokes…there is a level of “coolness” that you are lacking there.


    3. I LOVE dad jokes… Because they are amazing… I’m not sure I see your point here


    4. gigglingfattie says:

      I’ve already taken it back. Your friends are much cooler than mine haha


    5. Yea, they’re the bee’s knees


    6. gigglingfattie says:

      Haha okies! I’ll trust you


    7. Haha thank you

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