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Originally posted 04 Mar 2017

So, I’ve been told multiple times that I should do something to teach men about how to be gentlemen in a relationship. I am unbelievably flattered by this, I guess I have a pretty good moral compass, but honestly, I am not sure if I am worthy. I am nowhere near perfect. Hell, if you were to put all of my traits on paper the bad might actually outweigh the good. But, I guess none of us really are perfect. Alright, I’ll give it a shot.

Now let me first preface this by talking to the ladies.

This is not going to be what you expected. You aren’t going to like this. No two women are the same, so it would be wrong of me to expect you all to want the same kind of man. Your “gentleman” is different than your girlfriend’s “gentleman”. And that’s fine… But it also makes what you are asking for a little difficult. I’m going to walk this line and try not to be too vague or too specific so if you later feel that I went too far (or not far enough) leave a comment. Seriously, comments are like crack for bloggers, give me my fix!. Ok, now with that said… *Cracks open a beer*… *Cracks knuckles*… *Cracks a whip* (no nae nae)… Fellas… Honestly, this isn’t going to be as eye opening as you (hopefully) originally thought.

Being a “Gentleman” is about two things:

1 – Be honest with yourself. Be honest with who you are. What you are willing (and not willing) to do for your partner? What are you willing (and not willing) to accept from your partner? Are you able and willing to give your woman what she wants? If not, you should be man enough to leave. You deserve to find the right person. And it’s unfair of you to stay in a relationship when you know that you both could be happier with other people. You need to be honest here.

2 – Do frequent and honest (emphasis on BOTH words) assessments of who your partner is. Don’t assume, ask. People change. Whether you’ve been together a week or a decade, today your partner is not the same person that they were on day one. Believe her when she tells you what she wants, remember what she said, and give it to her (that sounded WAY more sexual than intended… I’ll allow it).

3 – Don’t look for things that aren’t there. I said that being a gentleman was about two things, why are you reading this third one!?

I promise you, that is all it takes! So, for the first one, you need to do some reflecting. What kind of man are you? What is your temperament like? How affectionate are you? What are you general character traits? How much of this are you willing to change? You need to be willing to give your woman what she wants (giggity) just as you expect her to give it to you (giggity giggity).

I know, this has all been very vague up until this point. It was probably for the best. I’m good at keeping my mouth shut and I’m good at being honest. I’m not all that great with being politically correct. I tried here though, so what you see is what you get. Ah screw it, let’s get specific about some stuff here…. In my next blog. I’m sorry (random blogger note: I try to keep my blogs around 500/600-ish words, this one was originally around 1500 so I decided to cut it here… I’m actually not all that sorry), keep reading.

Until next time, don’t hate the blogger, hate the blog.


P.S. No, I did not suddenly develop Vitiligo. This is a picture of a friend of mine (Mustache (in the middle)), the guy (whom we respectfully refer to as “Stache”) who carries my friend around, and my mustache friend’s two mustache friends who occasionally accompany Mustache and his friend Stache.

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