Ride A Train

Like I said in the Sixth Update, riding a train was nothing new to me. To the point where I was a little taken back by seeing it on my bucket list. I mean, growing up it was my main mode of transportation for when my friends and I wanted to get in and out of the city without telling The ‘Rents. With that said, this train trip was not like any other. I know most of you aren’t going to click that link (although you should) so here it is “You know, if not for my time in Texas I would look at this as a pretty stupid thing to have on a bucket list. I grew up less than a mile away from a train station. My friends and I would regularly take the train into Philly. I’ve even taken the train to school on days when I missed the bus. I remember talking about this with some of my friends in when I was in Texas and they all looked at me like I was crazy. I guess in central Texas riding on a train was something that was only seen in movies. I remember one of my, um, acquaintances thought that passenger trains were only a thing overseas. Like the U.S. only had freight trains. Until recently, my most memorable train ride was the one that I wrote about in the second update. Last month I hopped on the train as sort of a spur of the moment kind of thing. When I FINALLY finish writing about my past bucket list experiences I’ll continue with listing my new bucket list accomplishments, the ones that actually make their way into the book.” Made ya look, or read I guess.

The Librarian contacted me on Ok Cupid and we immediately hit it off. Well, kinda. There was a day or so of pretty boring, really short sentenced, surface conversation. I was honestly really surprised when she offered her number to me. As soon as we started talking off of the site the conversation picked up. She gave me her , we instantly started texted, and found ourselves talking on the phone within hours. THIS is when we really hit it off. We talked all night. I mean, all night. I worked the overnight shift and she had off the next day… She talked with me through my entire shift. At some point one of us (I forget which one) joked around about us getting breakfast together. The joke turned into a serious conversation, which turned into us agreeing to meet after I got off of work.

Over the course of that night a nice sized snow storm hit and she was concerned about me driving to come see her. So, I took the train. We stayed on the phone all the way up until I boarded the train. She met me at the train station, and as soon as she saw me she got really shy and clammed up… And I felt like I might have just made a HUGE mistake. Luckily, it didn’t last. She eventually crawled back out of her shell and we picked up where we left off on the phone. We spent the day together. Well, I only had ten hours off before I had to go back into work, so we spent about 9 hours together. It was a great low-key first date.


Until next time, pick up the phone.


P.S. Yea, I know, this date happened a while ago. I wrote it down in the book when it happened, but for some odd reason I never decided to write about it. This is kind of my norm. I’m pretty good at recording the events in my book when they happen, but then the moment passes and I just can’t “get it up” to write about them. And, I have a few other bucket list posts that I need to make and publish… I’ll try to speed up the process a bit. But, then again, I love the feeling that I get when I’m flipping through thia book and I come across a bucket story that I had forgotten about.

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  1. Jad says:

    Damn!! 9 hour first date!! How can 9 hours is Low key lol


    1. Um… Low key because we didn’t leave her house…..

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  2. Riding on a train was on my bucket list! I don’t think it’s really all that common here either. My first and only time on an actual train I was 20 maybe? And it was only because my dad forced me to go – we were flying over the rocky mountains to visit my aunt and I slept through them so I *just had* to see them in person so we took the train. Which meant I saw them at 430 in the morning, in darkness, and he woke up me to look at dark mountains….but then the sunrise happened so that was kind of worth it? Maybe…

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    1. Oh Canada! Haha so cute


    2. Lol waking a 19yr old T up at 430 in the morning to lool at rocks isn’t cute 😝


    3. Lol noted. I still haven’t seen the Rockies… Actually, I really haven’t seen any of the huge American tourist attractions yet


    4. Thinking about it, waking me up now at 30 isnt cute either haha!

      And I’ve seen a few. One of two people at church on Sunday besides the pastor who have seen mount rushmore


    5. Lol you aren’t even from here and you have me beat! And do me a favor and dont show your pastor my blog lol


    6. Lol! Grand canyon, mount rushmore, nasa something in Florida. I’m sure theres more but I can’t remember.

      And yes that conversation would go something like this “hi. You dont know me but I’ve been coming here on and off for almost a year. Here read this blog. He insults my homemade cookies. He ovbiously needs lots of prayer” haha


    7. Haha I only insulted the cookies because they weren’t homemade, don’t lie to a pastor!


    8. An insult is still an insult 😛


    9. Haha true true… And I’m still not sorry


    10. Lol thats ok. I’d hate for you to have regrets over your actions 😝

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    11. Oh no, never that


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