~You’re So Vain

~Originally posted 12 July 2017~

Damn. I missed my Tuesday post. Honestly, I’ve been doing a pretty good job of writing lately, I just couldn’t decide what to publish. I’ll make it up to you guys; I’ll publish two posts today for ya, how does that sound? This first one is short and sweet, and it may or may not be about you

Maybe I should be more direct in my blogs. I’ve had multiple people contact me after reading some of my posts to ask if they were the inspiration for a post I made. More often than not, it’s in response to something either negative or sexual that I have written.

I LOVE the fact that people I know in real life (odd saying, isn’t everything “in real life”? I may not have met the people that I interact with online in person, but they/you are still a part of my life, right?) follow my blog, or at least read it on occasion. However, as sad as it may be to say and/or hear, generally my posts are not meant for those people. Also, as sad as it may be to say and/or hear, generally the posts that I’ve been asked about aren’t about the person or persons that have confronted me. Just for reassurance I will say, that the fiction that I write is just that, fiction.

Although, I should add that it is pretty amusing when someone reads a tale that I wrote (both published and unpublished) and asks if it is about them. There definitely is a hint of fact in my fiction, but it’s usually a minuscule amount.

Moving forward, I’m going to write about my life, and the people in it. You may or may not be the inspiration for a post or two. But I’m not going to post about anything that I wouldn’t and haven’t already said to you personally. So again, if it sounds familiar, it’s about you. But if not, get out of your own head, take it as just a story, and move on.

Until next time, if the shoe fits wear thicker socks.

2be0c2f2-1f57-43ca-87f2-c12536a0e95dP.S. There’s that nasty poop eye again!

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