Participate in a fantasy sports league and win

The Champ Is Here! You guessed it, I just won the trophy this year! And yes, there is an actual trophy, one that Stache so kindly reminded me of before we played. I’m so glad that I got to play him for the championship. As I said in The People’s Champ, he and I are tied for League Trash Talk Champs, so it’s only right that we meet in the big game. All week, we went back and forth. Honestly, it’s best if I just show you.

I’ll go ahead and add the links for you guys. Trust me, you wanna see this stuff.
I HATE when my phone does this. I’m not sure what’s going on here. It shortens texts, and then mixes them up. Every text is an adventure.
If you watched wrestling as a kid (and were a kid during The Attitude Era) this all makes sense… If not, um, I’m sorry… For you.
Yeah, the trophy. Don’t worry, I already have my own plans for the insulting pictures that I am going to take with it when I get it.
screenshot_2017-12-26-13-17-271857424785.png The League is called Thunderdome for a reason…
At this point all of his players had already played, I had two left. One was currently playing and had just put me .3 points ahead.



Until next time, you can’t see me!


P.S. Crap, none of the links work… I’ll figure out how to attach links to pictures one day (hopefully) and then I’ll come back and update this. For now, if you search for the title of the video in youtube you’ll be able to find them all. And of course, I have to leave you all with the official recap. Jad, if you made it this far, feel free to stop reading now.


The People’s Champ Picks Up Win Against Cucamonga Cracker Killers, Takes Championship

  • Updated: Tuesday December 26, 2017 10:00:31 AM EST

The People’s Champ defeated Cucamonga Cracker Killers 70.70 to 58.46 for their second win in as many head-to-head matchups. Their overall record goes to 12-3, while Cucamonga Cracker Killers drops to 11-4. The historical series between these two teams has been back and forth with The People’s Champ owning the 2-1 lead over Cucamonga Cracker Killers. Cam Newton (160 Pas Yds, 52 Rsh Yds, 1 Int, 1 Rsh TD) was the reason for the win, picking up 15.60 points. The last time these teams met, Ezekiel Elliott led the way with 39.90.

To go along with the fantasy victory, The People’s Champ was savvy enough to choose winners in real football, as well. Among all of their starters, Elliott is the only one that didn’t suit up on a winning NFL team this week.

The People’s Champ wrapped up the regular season with a record of 10-3, good for first place. When considering points per game, they ranked slightly worse (third with 75.44). After a bye in the first round of the playoffs, The People’s Champ slipped by Big Red Machine, 88.90 to 88.38, along the way to winning the trophy. Cucamonga Cracker Killers concluded the regular season in second place with a record of 10-3. They also ranked second in the league with 79.00 points per game. Following an opening-round playoff bye, Cucamonga Cracker Killers took down Blacklighting, 72.88 to 69.28. They had the league’s best average scoring margin this season, outperforming opponents by 12.22 points per game.

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