My Wife?

Ok… Back to your regularly scheduled blog post…..


Top Ten Traits That I Would Like My Future Wife To Have…

First and foremost, I want a wife that I am compatible with. But as that is a given (hopefully) with everyone, I will leave that off of this list. I realize that things that are important to me now may not be as important five years, ten years, or even one year from now. So, as of right now who do I want to marry?

1- A Runner.

The rest of this list is in no particular order, but this one is pretty high up on my list. Running is my only real hobby. I don’t do drugs, and can live without drinking. If you have a hobby that you can perform or show off in public you’ll understand this feeling. There is nothing like having someone do your hobby with you. And even when you aren’t doing it together, the support seems so much deeper when it’s coming from someone who shares that interest. The best spectators are the ones who know the struggle.

2- A Lady In The Streets.

And you know exactly how the rest of that saying goes. But let me just emphasize that I want to marry a woman who knows how and when to keep those two separate.

3- A Nerd.

I want to find a woman who is passionate about something abnormal. Not “abnormal” per say, just something that isn’t mainstream. So, I’ve dated a math teacher who had a thing for numbers, a librarian with a thing for books (which, is almost sad to say how not “mainstream” reading is nowadays), and I’ve been with reading specialist with a thing for words. I love quirkiness, what can I say?

4- Someone That I Find Attractive.

Odd that I have to put this here, but as sad as it is for me to say (and likely for you to hear) I really have been with women that I wasn’t attracted to.

5- An Intellectual.

I’ve dated women that I honestly couldn’t have a deep conversation with. It’s extremely frustrating to have to stop mid sentence to explain the meaning of a word or phrase that my son and his friends use regularly.

6- Someone Who Loves Kids.

Like I said before, this is in no particular order, of course finding a woman who likes my son is number one. And I mean that, I want her to like my son, not just tolerate him.

7- Someone Who Is Faithful.

Once again, It is insane that we live in a world where I have to request that the woman I intend to marry be faithful. Really?

8- Someone Who Is Fair.

No, relationships are not tit-for-tat (or tic-for-tac for you kiddos) but do you remember that golden rule from grade school? “Treat others how you would like to be treated”… Just saying.

9- A Good Communicator.

I HATE being cut off. If you think that you already know how I am going to finish my sentence so much so that you have to preemptively interject then there is really no need for me to even bother starting it.

10- A Good Person.

I have dated a witch or two in my day. Some were just cruel to others, some just to me, some to everyone, and some more than others, but wicked nonetheless.

11- A Woman That Actually Wants To Marry Me.

This really didn’t come to mind at all prior to my last serious relationship. I guess I didn’t really think about it. But I want to be someone’s “Mr.Right”, not someone’s “Mr.RightNow” or even worse, someone’s “That’ll Do”. I’ve been with a woman who was just with me because she had nothing better to do, which could make for a pretty fun time actually if you are both on the same page. We were not. Anyway, like I said, I want her to want me as much as I want her. Come to think of it, I need it.


Until next time, don’t settle for just a “Top Ten”.


P.S. Fair warning ladies, I caught the garter at my uncle’s wedding.

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