Dry Run

Recently I’ve gotten a sour taste for drinking. You see, I’ve started talking to and interacting with my ex again, who has a drinking problem that she is very much in denial about. I can’t be around her while she is drinking; she’s a different person after one drink let alone a night of drinking. And the way that she views and rationalizes her drinking and her actions while she’s drinking is disturbing. We promised each other that we would only see each other when we are both completely sober but, the last two times I was with her she tasted like alcohol.

The last time I was with her actually, she called me to commend me for previously turning her down when she propositioned me after she came in from a night of drinking. Then she invited me over, and had alcohol on her breath. I know, I know. I’m quickly coming to the realization that alcohol and sex are her top two priorities, and she doesn’t care who she has to mistreat in order to get her fix.

Anyhoo, seeing this has made me rethink my drinking habits. I might have a drink after work here and there and rarely ever go out for drinks. I probably only average 4-6 drinks a month. But still, I have decided to only drink after races.

I don’t want to get too comfortable with drinking and tell myself that it’s OK to have more today because I had less the other day or will have less in the future. Also, doing this might motivate me to sign up for more races. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to just have one drink after a race. But I know that after races I’m too hungry and tired to sustain a bingefest. I’ll probably top out at 3-4 drinks, and that’s kind of pushing it.

I really can’t believe that I’m letting her get in my head like this, again. But oh well, it’s not like drinking less is going to be harmful to my health. Who knows, maybe after a few months of one to two drinks a pop I’ll give up drinking all together. That would be something.

Until next time, know yourself and seek self improvement.

P.S. Did I mention that I started making mead? It’s going to be weird having this much booze in my house and not touching it. I’m going to need to get some wine bottles so I can save this stuff for later. Here’s the recipe from the picture in case you’re curious:

May 29th

1 bushel of sweet mandarins

1 cinnamon stick

1 clove

1 lb honey (signature kitchens clover honey)

Spring water

1 tsp yeast

1 packet of raisins

*Came home 6 hours after putting bubbler on. Bubbler popped off, mead foaming out of container. Didn’t leave enough head space.

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  1. sarah wertheimer says:

    from personal experience.
    less alcohol wont hurt your health.
    11 years without it and it hasn’t seemed to have been much of a detriment to mine, anyway, lol.

    Although you may encounter people who very adamantly want you to have more because for some reason they need you to drink more in order to enjoy their own. (However, my reasons for not drinking are different so I’m sure how you handle this will be different)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea I hear ya. Luckily I don’t think my group of friends will make that big of a deal out of me being in a bar and choosing not to drink. However, I have definitely been in the company of people like that, pretty recently actually. Like they can’t fully enjoy drinking unless you are. For a short period after I wrote this I actually decided to help someone with their drinking problem whIle also not drinking myself. But there’s a difference between encouragement and enabling, the majority of that person’s circle was pretty forceful in their enabling. I guess it’s really all about maturity at the end of the day.


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