~You Like Me!

~Originally posted 25 July 2017~

You really like me! So, Immediately after publishing my last post I got a notification congratulating me on my 50th post. 50… Five. Zero. Kind of a big deal. Honestly at first I was annoyed, odd, I know. I thought oh, now I have to reschedule posts so I can write about this. Really Al? I can’t believe how little I thought about this accomplishment, at first. The feeling didn’t last long, I got excited pretty soon after, took a screenshot of the notification, and shared it with a bunch of my friends, to reaffirm the fact that yes, their friend Al is a nerd. I started to get genuinely excited about writing about it.

I guess I knew that it was coming but I am still in awe at the fact that it is here. 50 in 7 months is ok for me. I’ll take it. And I try to post twice a week, so I’m still on pace to break 100 this year. A couple hours later, I got another notification. Five Hundred Likes!?

You guys are amazing! Thank you all so much, I can’t describe how good it feels. I will admit, I am curious about what exactly you liked (even more curious about what you didn’t like)? What posts of mine did you find the most (and least) interesting? What would you like to see more (and less) of? And what new things would you like to see? However, just like before, instead of making this post completely about me, I’d like to share the love a bit and pay it forward.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you and to give some of these likes back to you all. Now take to the comment section here and post a link for your blog and/or one of your favorite blogs. Whether you decide to share or not please take the time to check out one of the blogs that are in the comments. Give them a like, hopefully you’ll get one back. Be selfish, promote yourself! Let’s keep this “like train” going! And if you want to throw in a bit of constructive criticism for my blog, I’ll take that too. Again, thank you all. Now promote yourself!


Until next time, you like that!

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  1. Jad says:

    I have no clue how many posts I have done!!

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    1. I’m not sure if I should tell you how to find out or not haha I got this notification before I knew how to, it was a nice surprise… Now I find myself checking every once in a while, like a nerd lol

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    2. Jad says:

      ummmm lol do tell 😛


    3. Ha ok….. Either go to the mobile site or open WordPress on your computer and click on the WordPress icon in the top left of the screen. Then click “blog posts” and open the drop down on the following page and you can view your numbers there. Or, in the mobile app scroll all the way to the left, click “stats”, and then “insights” at the top


    4. Jad says:

      Holy shit, I have 156!! I thought I would have been lucky to make 100


    5. Ok, no need to rub it in now lol

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    6. Jad says:

      Well I think I might have started before you, I don’t know LOL

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    7. LOL I’ll take that

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  2. irunelite says:

    Please accept my nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award: https://irunelite.com/2017/07/31/versatile-blogger-award/

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    1. You’re awesome, thank you!

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    2. irunelite says:

      You’re welcome! I enjoy you’re writing. The way you write keeps me interested. Like I said in my 7 facts, I don’t read much, and the reason is because I typically lose interest. So, thank you, and you’re awesome too!


  3. irunelite says:

    I enjoy the stories from your life and your rants the most. Personally, I don’t go for the other😉 stories, but that is just me. Congrats on 50 posts!

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    1. Haha I fully understand, the fiction isn’t for everyone. And to be honest I’m not really all that good at writing it. But, I’m glad that you enjoy my personal stories., I really do put my heart into those… Oh, and I have another rant on the way haha I think I’ll post it next. And thank you so much!

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