Thunder And Lightning

I rush out of bed, meet her at the door, and twirl her around to face me. Fulgora smirks and whispers “I’m serious, no sex in my parent’s house!” Quickly, I grab her by the waist, lift her above my head, and firmly seat her on my shoulders. Gliding one hand down her back and under her ass, I finger her panties to the side. I throw her nightgown over my head with my other hand. Planting her hands into the ceiling, Fulgora presses downward, luring my head deeper into her thighs, greeting my lips with hers. I kick the door closed, turn, and start making my way to the bed. She frantically paws her way across the ceiling. Keeping pace with my stride, she matches me step for step.

We step, lick, paw, grind, and moan our way back to the bed where I proceed to lower her. In one swift motion I peel the thong off of her plump ass and down to her ankles. Still wrapped around her feet, I grab hold and sandwich her underwear between my hand and the headboard, folding her into position. I drop my head and return my lips to hers. My tongue squeezes out out my mouth and slides deep into her sex. Mmm. Fulgora’s flailing arms find a pillow and cover her mouth just in time to catch the catch her moan as it escapes.

I massage her clit with my upper lip while I glide my tongue in and out of her pussy. My tongue gently rubs against her g-spot as it fucks her. Fulgora lets out a deep moan and squirms, trying desperately to free her legs from the panty-cuff that my hand has glued to the bed. She’s almost ready. I close my lips and begin to suck. Lightly pulling her clit from behind its hood as my index finger slips in, replacing my tongue which is now gliding upwards, soaking her clit with the juices that it just pulled out of her pussy. Her teeth sink into the pillow.

Her pussy gets more and more wet. The long and deep stroke of my finger forces her juices to spill out and flow down to her crack. My thumb moves into position and I press it against her pussy-lubed hole. Her stifled moan fills the room. She arches towards me, assisting my thumb into her ass. Fulgora places her hand on the back of my head giving the nonverbal cue. Keep going. My thumb doesn’t even make it to the first knuckle before she starts to cum. I spread my lips, flatten my tongue, press it hard into her clit, and quickly start moving it from side to side. Losing control, she grinds deeper into my fingers and tongue as her moans turn to screams.

Both her pussy and ass are now pulsing around my fingers while my lips and tongue work her clit. Her juices splash off of my hand as it finger-fucks her climax to its climax. And slowly, a sporadic quiver comes over her.

 Fulgora locks eyes with me, raises my head, and whispers “Fuck me daddy.” I gently remove my fingers and release her legs from my grip, they fall to the bed like a bag of rocks. I reply, “no sex in the parents house”. As I stand and leave the room I can hear her hard shake vibrate the bed against the floor. Like the aftershocks of an earthquake.


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