Bucket List (Fifth Update)

Here is the updated list of items that I did prior to getting the book.


#4- Plant a tree

#5- Learn to play an instrument

#6- Learn a new language

#14- Ride in a helicopter 

#15- Meet a celebrity

Well… What do you consider to be a “celebrity”? I met a movie star… I guess… I mean, what do you consider to be a “movie star”? Ok… All cards on the table… I met a porn star once (actually, I just told this story in Love). Rachel Starr, who at the time was my favorite porn star, was visiting a strip club in Philly. Conveniently for me my long term girlfriend (who HATED the idea of me going to a strip club without her) and I had just broken up. I found out about Rachel coming to the area and convinced my friend Drew to come out with me. We paid a cover charge, I had to pay to get a picture with her, and the drinks were pretty expensive so we didn’t stay long at all. Rachel looked NOTHING like she does on film. Her face was full of what I assume to be botox, she just didn’t look natural at all. All in all it was a pretty disappointing trip. Next time, I’ll try to meet one of the so called “A-list” celebs I guess.

#16- Ride a train

#24- Play a round of golf 

#33- Attend a drive in movie 

#42- Be in a play

#44- Skateboard

As a kid, in middle school, I skateboarded. But I was never a “Skateboarder”. I sucked. I’m not sure how else to put it. I could step on the board and make it move, that’s it, no tricks, not a single one. I planned to teach my son how to skateboard but I think I might have to buff up on my skills beforehand.

#57- Earn a medal or trophy in a competition

#59- Do a road trip across the USA 

#61- Try a martial art

#124- Dance on a bar

#132- Go camping

An ex of mine and I once went camping with her family. Well, “glamping”. It was in an RV on a campground. I had a lot more fun than I originally thought I would. I even got to go and do some fishing while I was there. It definitely changed my whole opinion on the whole glamping thing. But with that said, I still think that the next time I go I’d prefer to ruff (yes “ruff”, hopefully with a dog) it a little and just take a small tent or hammock and the bare essentials.

#135- Dance on a conga line 

#157- Have a summer romance

#163- Visit a castle

#180- Learn to juggle

#209- Play charades at a party

This is actually an easy one, my mom’s side of the family ends up doing this at our Christmas eve party every year. I remember once I was asked to help with coming up with an answer, when it came up in the game drunk Alphonso opened his mouth and gave it away. Drunk Alphonso doesn’t make the best decisions. Next time I’ll (hopefully) maintain the integrity of the game.

#214- Start a collection of something

#215- Go on a zip-line

#217- Ride a mechanical bull

#227- Teach a class in any subject 

#237- Live in another country

I’ve been deployed three times. Twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan for 6-ish months each. I think that counts as living in another country. I mean, how long do you have to be there before you can claim that you lived there? And under what circumstances? Next time, hopefully I spend a year abroad after I retire.

Until next time, don’t judge a celebrity by their porn name.


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